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Facing the Facelift: What to Do? What to Ask? What to Expect?

Do you have your surgery date planned? Finally getting ready for that face lift you’ve always wanted to have? Starting to feel the pre-surgery jitters? Review our “What To” list to help ease those nerves.

What to DO pre-operation?

Make sure you have someone who will accompany you home and keep an eye on you during the 48 hours after surgery. You will not be able to drive to your first post op appointment so make sure that you have someone who can drive you back to the office the day after your surgery.

Increase your intake of protein and fiber prior to your surgery.

Start taking Arnica three days prior to your surgery. This will help with bruising and swelling.

Stock your fridge with soft or smooth foods (yogurts, puddings, protein shakes, jell-o). You do not want extra strain on your jaw or cheeks.

Plan your teeth cleaning and hair coloring a few weeks before surgery. These are things that will have to wait a few weeks post-op, so best to do them before!

What to ASK the doctor?

Are there any medications I need to stop taking before surgery?

Why? Certain medications risk blood thinning and can lead to increased bleeding during and after surgery. Make sure you consult during your pre-op consultation and know what meds not to take prior to your surgery.

Are there any medications I will certainly have to take after surgery?

Why? Fill your prescriptions in advance! You will want to limit your activity post-op and get started on your meds right away.

When can I begin to apply makeup? When can I wash my hair?

Why? Your face will be bruised and sensitive. Find out the best time to safely take care of these things.

When is my post-op visit?

Why? Stitches out, check-in on progress, change bandages if necessary.

Who can I contact in case of questions or concerns?

Why? To ease your nerves.

What to EXPECT?

You will have swelling and bruising. Prop lots of pillows on your bed! Or better yet, sleep in a recliner. Elevation reduces swelling.  Place cool compresses on your cheeks and eyes.

Avoid the mirror for the next few days.

Tightness in your face is normal. So is numbness. So is pain.

Expect to be out of sun exposure for a bit.

No lifting or sharp turns of the head. Wait until you are cleared in your post-op visit to resume normal activity.

You might be emotionally overwhelmed. When you begin to feel better physically, you will also begin to feel better emotionally.

Expect to wait. Patience is a Virtue. Be Virtuous! Time is critical to the healing process.

Now that you are all ready to have this happen, get excited to see the new you that you have been waiting for! Remember that this change in look is for you, so expect satisfaction to come from within! You are beautiful.