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Asian Rhinoplasty

Surgery of the Asian nose requires an appreciation of the need for maintaining the identity of the patient and their ethnic background. To date, oriental rhinoplasty has been most commonly performed with the use of nasal prosthesis. Specifically, the use of an L-shaped strut of silicone, placed either through the mouth or through an incision inside the nose.

Asian Rhinoplasty

The use of a single L-shaped piece of plastic leads to a very obvious surgical nose. Specifically, one can see the sharp edges of the nasal implant as it joins with the underlying nose. Additionally, the tip of the nose lacks the refined projection that many patients seek.

There are several trends in contemporary rhinoplasty for asian noses, which greatly diminish the problems associated with the silicone nasal implants and have been widely used in my practice. These techniques can be applied to those patients who have had pre-existing silicone nasal implants. In fact, many patients in my practice have had rhinoplasties prior to seeking my help with their nose. These current techniques have afforded the patient a more natural nose and have greatly improved their cosmetic appearance. Specifically, the use of cartilage grafts to achieve tip projection, with associated newer softer materials to increase the height of the profile of the nose, leads to outstanding results.

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Complimentary consultations can be arranged and surgery scheduled quickly through my office. Indeed, a full 10 – 15% of my practice is comprised of Vietnamese patients, who have been extremely happy with my services. We would be delighted to meet with you in a free consultation.