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Thighplasty/Thigh Lift

A thigh lift, also called a thighplasty, is a procedure used to give the thighs and legs a more toned look. The thigh area is a cause for concern for many people. The most common problems associated with this region are excess fat, loose excess skin, and cellulite.

When people undergo weight loss, they sometimes develop sagging skin and are left with pockets of stubborn fatty tissue. These diminish a person’s overall appearance – even if the person has fewer fat cells, the extra tissue makes them look out of shape.

A thigh lift from Dr. Cohen effectively removes excess fat and skin and provides the legs with a smoother and fitter look.

Who Can Undergo Thighplasty Surgery?

Most people who opt for thighplasty are ones who have lost a significant amount of weight and now have excess skin and pockets of stubborn fat on their thighs. People who have developed these issues as a result of genetics or lifestyle factors are also excellent candidates.

If you are healthy and do not suffer from any chronic diseases, you can safely undergo a thigh lift. You are required to quit smoking and drinking at least a few months before the surgery, as these can negatively affect your results and your healing process.

What Are the Different Types of Thigh Lifts?

The right thighplasty technique for you will depend on how your body stores fat. Based upon your consultation, Dr. Cohen will decide the type of thigh lift that is most suitable for your body type.

Here are the different types of thigh-lift procedures:

    • Inner Thigh Lift:  This procedure tones the inner thighs and creates the appearance of shapelier legs.

    • Mini Thigh Lift:  This procedure is suitable for people who only need toning in the upper third of their thighs, near the hip area.

    • Bilateral Thigh Lift:  This procedure addresses excess fat in the outer thigh region; this fat makes patients’ legs and hips look wide.

Medial Thigh Lift:  This procedure addresses excess fat in the outer thigh region; this fat makes patients’ legs and hips look wide.

Thigh Lift Procedure

On the day of the procedure, the patient will be administered anesthesia before the surgery takes place. Dr. Cohen will then make incisions based on the chosen type of thighplasty. The excess fat will be removed using liposuction, and the loose skin will be excised with a scalpel. Finally, the incisions will be stitched closed.

Thigh-Lift Recovery and Healing
  • Each patient’s thigh-lift recovery process is unique. Factors that affect this process include the patient’s age, the type of thighplasty performed, and the amount of tissue removed. It will be important to follow Dr. Cohen’s care directions during this time in order to lower the chance of post-surgical complications.
  • You will experience a degree of swelling and bruising after surgery, but these will soon fade to reveal the full results. To aid in this process, wear a post-surgical elastic compression garment as recommended.
  • It will be necessary to take some time off from work, particularly work that is physically strenuous. Avoiding sports and heavy exercise will also be necessary for a time.

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A thigh lift can be very beneficial for anyone looking to recontour their thighs for a fitter and more sculpted look. Book your consultation with Dr. Barry Cohen by contacting our office today.