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Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to reshape sagging breasts, restoring a more youthful and lifted appearance. By removing excess skin and repositioning the breast tissue, a breast lift can enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence.

Breast Lift Incision

Surgically, breast lifts are done by creating an anchor-like incision on the breast. This leaves the patient with an incision around the areola, a vertical incision from the areolar to the fold where the breast meets the chest, and an incision in the fold along the breast/chest margin. The complications associated with a mastopexy are quite minimal. These are mild asymmetries, scars and the potential for loss of sensation in the nipple areolar complex. This operation generally does not affect one’s ability to breastfeed. It is recommended that if you are considering subsequent pregnancies, that you postpone until after your last pregnancy. This is to minimize the effects of pregnancy on the final outcome.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

The best candidates for a breast lift are healthy individuals who are done with having children and are looking to improve the appearance of the breast area after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Individuals with medical conditions that impair healing should explore other alternatives for lifting breasts. Before considering a breast lift, choose a healthy lifestyle and stop smoking for at least 4 to 6 weeks before your procedure. Do not drink alcohol 48 hours before the procedure to prevent excessive swelling or bruising.

Breast Lift Recovery

After the surgery, patients can expect a recovery period that typically involves some discomfort and swelling, which can be managed with prescribed medication and wearing a supportive bra. It’s crucial for patients to follow their post-operative instructions diligently, including avoiding strenuous activities for a few weeks to ensure proper healing. While individual recovery experiences may vary, most patients can resume normal activities within a few days to a week, with full results becoming apparent as swelling subsides over the following weeks. Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor progress and address concerns during the recovery process.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The total cost of a breast lift can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the amount of work needed to perform the procedure and the duration of the procedure. Patients will receive an accurate estimate tailored to their specific needs and goals during the consultation.

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