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Rhinoplasty – A Facial Feature Designed for You

The medical term for a nose job, the plastic surgery that reconstructs or reshapes a nose for better form and function, is called “rhinoplasty.” Rhis is the root for the rhino half of the word rhinoplasty. They refer to the nose. Plasty is the term for shape/shaping. The surgery can be open or closed. Open […]

Professional Skincare Products: Making the Most of Your Cosmetic Procedures

You wouldn’t drive a Ferrari and not change the oil.   So why do so many patients spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures and fail to take care of their skin? Routine Skincare Maintenance is a Must As a plastic surgeon, I routinely perform facelifts, laser rejuvenations, Botox & filler injections, and in-office […]

Mommy Makeovers

Pregnancy, nursing, and/or time can take a toll on a mother’s body with sagging breasts and tummies. Some women have breasts that were already unevenly proportioned before pregnancy, and motherhood worsens their appearance. Weight loss without the involvement of a pregnancy can also cause breast and belly sagging. But no matter the cause, when a […]

Facing the Facelift: What to Do? What to Ask? What to Expect?

Do you have your surgery date planned? Finally getting ready for that face lift you’ve always wanted to have? Starting to feel the pre-surgery jitters? Review our “What To” list to help ease those nerves. What to DO pre-operation? Make sure you have someone who will accompany you home and keep an eye on you […]