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Independent Medical Evaluations

Expertise at the Intersection of Medicine and Law: Discover Unparalleled Insights

Welcome to my professional space where medicine, law, and years of seasoned experience converge. I am Dr. Cohen, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 32 years of dedicated practice in plastic surgery, hand surgery, and burn reconstruction. My journey in medicine is complemented by an MBA and current legal studies, equipping me with a unique blend of skills that enriches my approach to medical practice and legal understanding.

My Professional Journey

Starting out as a passionate medical professional, I have continually expanded my expertise and scope of practice. Not only have I performed thousands of surgeries, but I have also been an essential part of numerous legal cases, providing independent medical examinations and expert testimonies in various courts including DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Federal Courts.

What I Offer

  • Expert Witness Services: With dual insights from the fields of plastic surgery and law, I offer expert witness services that are not only rooted in profound medical understanding but are also framed with legal precision. My testimonies are comprehensive, insightful, and delivered with the professionalism that only decades of practice can bring.

  • Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs): I bring over two decades of experience in conducting IMEs for insurance companies and lawyers. My reports are known for their timeliness, thoroughness, and the invaluable perspective of a seasoned practitioner.

  • Consultancy for Legal Cases: Leveraging my legal education and extensive medical background, I provide consultancy services for cases that require nuanced understanding of plastic surgery, hand surgery, and burn reconstruction within legal contexts.

Why Choose Me?

With a career that spans over three decades in medical practice, coupled with business acumen from an MBA and enriched by ongoing legal education, I bring a comprehensive, multi-dimensional perspective to every consultation and courtroom. My approach is not just about providing medical opinions but about crafting solutions that are informed by a deep understanding of both the medical and legal implications.

For attorneys needing robust expert analysis, insurance companies seeking dependable IMEs, or colleagues in the medical field looking for insight at the junction of medicine and law, I offer a partnership that promises excellence, reliability, and unmatched expertise.

Get in Touch

Connect with me to harness the synergistic benefits of medical expertise and legal insight. Whether it’s a detailed medical report, expert testimony, or strategic legal consultation, trust that you’re partnering with a professional who brings depth, precision, and exceptional dedication to every challenge.