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Barry J Cohen, MD

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Very impressed

I went on a Groupon and was very impressed that Dr. Cohen responded to my email questions personally. Neither he nor his office tried to sell me anything, so I had to call them when I decided I wanted to look into liposuction. To the people who say he has “so many bad reviews” – please show where. I went to the State of MD, and I reviewed 103 cases involving Dr. Cohen. Almost all of the cases have him as the plaintiff, not the defendant. There is 1 (one) medical malpractice case – and there is nothing medical in it. It is about discrimination – and it was dismissed! I do not know Dr Cohen, and am just doing my homework. If you are going to say nasty things about anyone – especially a doctor – please show some facts. If he has done “many bad jobs”, show the lawsuits. Show a judgement. Give a name. The only thing I can find is an outstanding traffic ticket. I’m going to probably have him do my procedures.

by Verified Patient

He did GREAT job

Dr. Cohen couldn’t be nicer. He’s great for burn recovery!
I got my surgery done about 5 to 6 years ago and he did GREAT job. I have recommend him to my family and friends he also use my picture on before and after treatment. I would do it again!

by Verified Patient

Amazing job

Got rhinoplasty done and he did an amazing job. Going into procedure staff was very nice and helped calm my nerves. many people I know have come to dr. Cohen for rhinoplasty and everyone that comes to him look amazing!!

by Verified Patient

Dr. Cohen is the way to go

My wife went to Dr. Cohen just 5 weeks ago for Asian Rhinoplasty. We were actually looking into another local plastic surgeon in Rockville with very good reviews but one of our close friends had already used Dr. Cohen and her results were fantastic. So we decided to consult with Dr. Cohen instead. Turned out to be a great choice. The end result was excellent. He is a true professional in every sense. His record of performing without mistakes is flawless. The price was better than most other surgeons. The office is beautiful and the staff is friendly, just like Dr. Cohen himself. If you’re looking for plastic surgery, Dr. Cohen is the way to go.

by Verified Patient

Dr. Cohen and staff could not be nicer

Dr. Cohen and staff could not be nicer. First time having cosmetic surgery and they made it extremely pleasant and I could not be happier with the experience and results.

by Verified Patient

I had a great experience!

I had a great experience!!! The staff was very friendly and professional both in the surgery center and in the office. I felt very taken care of . My questions were always addressed and I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Cohen did an amazing job on my facelift. I could not ask for better results. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best!

by Verified Patient

Super happy with the results

Got lip injections done. Super happy with the results and prices. The staff is very nice and helpful, would totally recommend!

by Verified Patient

I am very thankful

Dr. Cohen truly made me feel so comfortable and at ease during my surgery, all the way down to the very moment I was being put to sleep. He listened to & provided what I wanted regardless of what he had “envisioned” for me & that was a huge deal for me. I have tons of personal insecurities & both him & the staff at the Surgery center made me feel so beautiful and were all so warming & took such amazing care of me. His office & surgery center were both extremely clean & very nicely updated. I am very thankful.

by Verified Patient

Highly competent in his work

Highly competent in his work and immensely proficient with his bedside manner. Love my results! I bruise quite easily but there is very little swelling for me to convalesce from. In addition to prices that are already very reasonable, Dr. Cohen was even gracious enough to honor 15 units extra of my Xeomin, free of charge, on account of our need to abruptly reschedule my appointment. Prime turn-out!

by Verified Patient